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Cosmetic Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation 

Facial acupuncture is a safe, effective and healthy alternative to injectables.  

The practice of using Asian medicine to revitalize the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve appearance is a safe, effective means of helping you look and feel more youthful and radiant.  Facial acupuncture can be referred to as cosmetic acupuncture, facial rejuvenation or facial acupuncture.

The beauty of using facial acupuncture to improve appearance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and elasticity is based on the Oriental Medicine concepts that improved organ function, bringing more blood flow to the face and improving muscle tone and elasticity with increased collagen production will create a more youthful and radiant appearance.   


Since facial acupuncture is treating the whole body, not just the face, additional benefits of improved digestion, better sleep and overall better health happen with these treatments as well.   Facial acupuncture improves your health overall and can also do much for your self-esteem and feeling of well-being!


How does it work?

Western medicine looks at cosmetic facial treatments to fix the signs of aging and imbalance with surgery, medications and the application of sometimes harsh chemicals or treatments.  The symptoms of wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of muscle tone and other problems such as acne and rosacea are considered primarily as the signs of aging and hormone imbalances. 

Traditional Chinese medicine, (TCM) sees these signs and symptoms in the same way with the addition of the recognition that our physical appearance and especially the face is directly influenced by our internal physical, mental and emotional health.  Therefore, facial acupuncture will focus on treating the skin problems of the face through treating the whole body, as well as the face,  because by treating the internal imbalances within the body the outer appearance will be improved.   Facial acupuncture goes beyond aesthetic repair to address overall health. 


For the treatments hair-thin needles are gently inserted into specific points on the face to address the underlying health issues that contribute to a deficient facial appearance.  The number of needles used varies considerably and they are used in points both on the face and over the body to address underlying health issues as well.


This stimulates the underlying muscles and fascia to promote nutrient rich blood flow, stimulate collagen production as well as improve internal organ function. This then helps to nourish, hydrate, tone and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. loss of skin tone, and discoloration as well as other skin conditions.

Is it painful?

Upon insertion of the hair-thin needle, a dull ache or prick sensation or sometimes a warm tingling sensation will occur as signs that the Qi is activated.  These usually subside quickly.  A sensation of tightness or pulling can also be experienced as well. 


Since the purpose of the treatment is not only to address facial appearance but also to relax we use organic skin care products to enhance the overall treatment and reduce any discomfort so you can completely relax and enjoy the treatment.

How many treatments are needed to see improvement?

A complete course of initial treatment is 10 to 12 sessions, 1 to 2 sessions a week. The measure of improvement depends on the individual with factors such as diet, exercise and lifestyle contributing to the effectiveness of the treatments.  After the initial program of treatments a maintenance program of monthly treatments is usually recommended. 

Noticeable and lasting results are usually achieved after 8 to 10 sessions. A session is 75 minutes.  Herbal supplements as well as diet and lifestyle changes are recommended to improve and maintain the effectiveness of the treatments.


Cosmetic acupuncture can:

  • diminish fine lines and wrinkles

  • reduces puffy bags, dark color under the eyes and sagging 

  • reduce acne blemishes and hyperpigmentation

  • reduce the appearance and occurance of rosacea and other skin diseases 

  • reduces jaw clenching and tension

  • provides more radiance and glow to the skin

  • improves collagen production and muscle tone

  • improves metabolism and increases local blood and lymph circulation

  • reduces stress and improves health and a sense of well-being overall

  • Helps you feel good about yourself!

  Book an appointment online or call 617-678-8812 to see and feel the difference in your face and health.  

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