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Patient Forms

Your First Visit 

To get the most out of your treatment it is best to follow a few guidelines:

Have something to eat; doesn't have to be a full meal but don't arrive hungry.  Also be hydrated, so water before and after acupuncture is good. Acupuncture moves energy in your body and if you are hungry or thirsty it is harder to do this and can make you dizzy or light headed.  

Wear loose clothing.  Often we roll up sleeves & pants to reach places to place the the tiny needles.  If not we will provide a paper gown or drape your body for modesty.  Some clients will bring shorts and a T-shirt to change into as well. Whatever helps you be comfortable.  

If you can fill out your patient forms ahead of time and either bring them with you you or e-mail them back, it can allow for more treatment time. 

While the needles used are tiny, (about as thick as 2 strands of hair), many people are afraid of needles, and are then pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain with an acupuncture needle.  Even so, if this makes you nervous and you are brave enough to try, be sure and let us know so we can accommodate you and choose points accordingly. 

Expect to relax!  After an acupuncture treatment it is best to not do strenuous exercise because you want the treatment to settle in with you.

We look forward to seeing you!


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