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Nutritional Consulting

Our Approach to Nutritional Consulting

The nutritional consulting done at Inspired Acupuncture is based upon the tenets of Chinese medicine as to how to achieve and maintain health.  Many aspects of our lifestyle, environmental pollutants and toxins in our air and food, and the stresses of daily life create a challenge for our body to maintain health.  Overwhelmed we find ways to address this both physically and mentally that can have longer term detrimental effects. 

We look at the survival strategies the body and our mind have created and the signs and symptoms of imbalance using a standardized questionnaire that effectively evaluates the signs and symptoms and categorizes them according to the organ and other systems in the body. 

This provides a framework to use for addressing those symptoms as well as detecting underlying imbalance based on the tenets of Chinese medicine.  While a disease state may be addressed, diagnosis of a western disease state is not done.


Nutritional Response Testing

Another evaluation process used at Inspired Acupuncture is the muscle testing system called Nutrition Response Testing developed by Dr. Ulan.   This is a scientific system of using the bodies response to a stimulus through a strengthening or weakening of the muscles to more specifically determine a hindrance to healing and the nutrition the body needs to overcome the hindrance as well as heal itself.



Initial Nutritional Consulting

Your first nutritional consult is an evaluation that includes your medical intake, diet and lifestyle habits and your goals as to what you would like to improve.  

Herbal and vitamin supplements are determined using a standardized questionnaire for symptom evaluation and the Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) muscle testing process to tailor a specific supplement program for you.     

On your 1st follow-up appointment your customized report is discussed with specific diet, supplement and lifestyle suggestions to help you reach your improved health goals. 


Nutritional Follow-up Appointment

Your first follow-up appointment is a report of findings from your initial nutritional consult and evaluation and recommendations on diet, lifestyle and supplements.

Subsequent nutritional consult appointment includes a review of symptoms, a check on your diet and lifestyle changes and Nutritional Response Testing to verify any supplementation or herbal support that needs to be changed or added.

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